Payment of the corresponding fee for a Hermesexperts service is made in advance in US dollars through PayPal. Clients who do not have a PayPal account can complete their payments with any credit card. To complete your payment, use the PayPal “Order Now” button below after you have selected one of the available three types of authentication. The results of the completed authentications for “Hermes’’ and ‘’Hermes exotics’’ evaluations will be sent to the client in an email PDF format on а Hermesexperts watermarked letterhead stating authentic or not authentic within 12 hours from receipt of satisfactory pictures. For Certificates of Non-Authenticity used in PayPal and credit card companies disputes/claims, turnaround time is 48 hours or less from receipt of satisfactory pictures.

To submit photos or to send me a link to an online sale just email them to: hermesexpert image Alternatively, you may use a free file storage site such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Photobucket, to share the link to your photos with me via email. This is the faster and the more common way to share files.

You must submit photos to me from the same email address indicated on your PayPal order otherwise your photos will not be accepted.

Note: In many cases specific additional photos are required for accurate authentication. The customer must provide all pictures requested within 30 days. If additional photos are not provided within 30 days, authentication is considered to be inconclusive due to lack of images, and the amount paid is not refundable.

If the handbag you want authenticated is not in your possession, it is best to make sure that the seller is willing to send additional photos, in the event it should become necessary, prior to ordering authentication services.



All Hermes handbags and wallets, excluding these from exotics skins. (This evaluation is not applicable for a PayPal, eBay or credit card claim.)

Price : $49.00 USD

Quantity :

Hermes Exotics

All Hermes handbags and wallets made from Crocodile, Alligator, Ostrich and Lizard skins (This evaluation is not applicable for a PayPal, eBay or credit card claim.)

Price : $89.00 USD

Quantity :

Certificate of Non-Authenticity

It is a detailed report used in PayPal and credit card companies in the dispute/claim process.

Price : $199.00 USD

Quantity : is an independent Hermès handbags authentication service and is not affiliated with Hermès in any way. Opinions provided by are the personal opinions of Emily Berg and are based on her knowledge of Hermès handbags obtained from years of buying, collecting and studying them. By paying for authentication, the client agrees to hold and Emily Berg harmless from any liability or cause of action whatsoever. Further, client’s purchase of authentication services is made with their explicit agreement to indemnify, defend, and release and Emily Berg from and against all claims, damages, losses, or other liabilities that may result from or be grounded upon any opinion rendered by either of them.

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